Monday, February 4, 2013

K7SZ's Essential Book Shelf_01

Buy this book: SolderSmoke--Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics by Bill Meara, N2CQR. Seriously, every Ham Radio operator needs this book. It a great read. Bill's unique writing style takes us on a very personal trip recounting his time in the radio hobby. Bill's narrative (which is hardly dry), is totally captivating, The real gem here is that he offers terrific insight into the "why things work the way they do in radio". His explanations are well grounded in electronic theory but without a lot of the intensive math that is required for an engineering student. In short, SolderSmoke--Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics is a must read, not only for the fascinating look at Bill's history in Ham Radio, but to get a grasp on the various phenomena that masquerades as "electronic theory". This is a self-published book via LuLu but it is available as a Kindle edition via (check out: While I read it on Kindle, I am procuring a hard copy for Patricia, KB3MCT, my wife, to help her with the Extra class theory. Yes, it's that good. Just get the'll be very glad you did.

While you are at it, drop by the SolderSmoke blog ( and check out this world class radio blog. Oh, don't forget Bill's SolderSmoke podcasts ( which contain a tremendous source of interesting information direct from Bill in audio format.

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