Friday, February 1, 2013

Hello and welcome the inaugural posting on The Commo Bunker, a blog devoted to Ham Radio and the radio hobby. If you love radio and want to participate in the blog you are hereby invited to post. Just keep it civil, no flame wars, and, above all, be courteous, it's a family show!

My name is Rich Arland, Ham Radio call sign K7SZ, and I have been an active ham off and on for 50 years. I was first licensed in 1963 as KN7YHA, a Novice class license holder. After about a year I upgraded my Novice ticket and my enjoyment of the radio hobby took off like a rocket.

I have had the pleasure of operating from various areas around the world thanks to a 20 year career in the U.S. Air Force. Over the years I have had the following calls: CT2BH (Azores 1970-73), KA2AA (Japan 1974-79), G5CSU (England 1979-84), DA2NE (W. Germany, 1982-84), K7YHA (USA 1964-1996), K7SZ (USA 1996-present).

Since I became an Amateur Radio Operator in the heyday of vacuum tube equipment, I cut my electronic teeth on Hallicrafters, Heathkits, Hammarlunds, Drakes, and Collins gear. To this day I love to procure an older piece of tube gear (lovingly called "Boatanchors") and restore it to it's previous glory. Nothing beats the feeling of bringing an old Boatanchor rig back to life. The smell of warm electronics, the soft sensual glow of the vacuum tube filaments; you just can't beat it!!

I intend to use this blog to promote the radio hobby and introduce you, the participant, to other blogs and websites that will expand and increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the hobby.

To that end, I will also occasionally include a mini product review of a piece of gear, accessory, antenna, and test equipment, that I have personally used and feel worth sharing. I am not on anyone's payroll nor do I have a vested interest in any Ham Radio equipment/accessory/antenna manufacturer. My opinions regarding a review will include an honest report of my findings sans any marketing hype. I will make every effort to insure that the review includes an up-to-date website URL and pricing information (when available).

Also, upon occasion, I will shamelessly promote my latest book: "The ARRL's Low Power Communications, the Art and Science of QRP (4th edition)". After all, it is the BEST book on the market regarding under 5 watt Ham Radio!! As soon as I lay in a stock of books, I will be offering signed copies for sale. However, that will come a bit later, after I get comfortable with this blog. (Small steps, Arland, small steps!)

So, there you have it! The gist of what The Commo Bunker is all about. I appreciate all feedback and will attempt to shape and improve this blog accordingly.

Vy 73

Rich K7SZ

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  1. You need to proof this page! I found several misspellings.

    Your bestest bud in the whole wide world (not counting Cal)!