Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Field Day 2013

Field Day UPDATE:

Dave Keuchenmeister, N4KD, and I (K7SZ) will be doing Field Day from our side lot in Dacula. As it stands now we will have two K3s as primary and backup stations, a PAR (LNR) End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) and a ZS6 multi-band dipole (think a modified G5RV), and possibly a 20M delta loop or bi-square. Power will be provided by a deep cycle marine battery and augmented (if needed) by several 20Ahr gelled electrolyte batteries. 

As far as a call sign: still up in the air but it will either by N4KD or K7SZ. Listen for us on 20M CW/SSB and 40M CW/SSB. Depending upon propagation we can always come up on the 15M band (near the 21.060 QRP calling freq). 80M has never been a big band for us, so we may come up on 80M CW, we'll just have to see how propagation pans out. 

Hope to work many QRP stations this weekend 

VY 73

Rich K7SZ

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