Monday, March 11, 2013


Yesterday's blog centered on a pair of Heathkit Twins; HR-20/HX-20 SSB/CW receiver-transmitter pair from the early 1960s. Today I journeyed over to the owner of the rigs and picked them up. I was not paying close attention to what I was carrying off to the car and once I got home I noticed what I had was not what I initially thought I was getting. Instead of the SSB twins I ended up with  athe MR-1/MT-1 AM/CW set that looks almost identical to the other set. Initially I was a little more than upset but then it dawned on me that I did not have an AM transmitter and this was a perfect opportunity to get onto AM again.

These two rigs are almost pristine in cosmetic condition. They are all original and came with the manuals, which is a big plus. I also got the HP-20 AC PSU and the necessary power cords along with a mobile speaker. In short, I had acquired a complete AM/CW station for only $200.

The MT-1 transmitter has a 90 watt RF input (on AM this equates to about 25 or so watts of AM power output) and close to 65-70 watts RF output on CW. Not a bad little radio station. I want to get this rig on the air soon, so I am trying to get the various projects wrapped up here at K7SZ.

There is a lot of AM activity here in the deep south and I am looking forward to particpating although with only 24-25 watts output I won't be making any dents on anyone's S-meter!

More later. My thanks to Tom, W4UOC, for hosting me this afternoon, and providing me with a method to get back on AM.

vy 73

Rich K7SZ

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